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Stefani sb

Extraordinary robustness, design quality and constant technical updating are what make the stefani sb a byword for reliability and practical efficiency, even in heavy-duty use with several work shifts per day, always with the guarantee of consistent reliability and lasting competitive advantages.

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Panel squaring and edge application quality allows perfect production that meets all the highest standards.

13-teeth feed track with links of sintered isotropic material, steel motorized pressure device, cast iron columns with special design, free-vibration basements feature the machine for all heavy-duty scenarios.

stefani sb represents the strength of improvement over 60 years at high performances; it can be customized in the easiest and fastest way benefitiing flexibility and productivity, because the only objective is that of the customer.

Technical data

Productivity: Finished panels/shift From 6000
Max feed speed for lengthwise processing m/min 40
Max feed speed for lengthwise processing
with “HI-DRIVE” pack
m/min 70
Max feed speed for crosswise processing
with rounding process
m/min 35
Coil edge thickness mm 0.3-3
Solid wood edge thickness mm 25
Standard panel thickness mm 8 – 60
Panel thickness with 80 mm pack mm 80
Maximum panel length mm 3200
Maximum panel width mm 1600
Technology for edge application EVA/PUR/EVA+PUR
Processes Standard panels,
J-Shape, doors,
massive production,
flexible production